May. 17, 2017

Endless Youth

Part I: Freedom Land


Young Child, wild dreams.

Do you still remember it?

Yes, I do and never remove it.

Like the birth make on my shoulder.


Drive through the highway,

Lost in the dizzy modern city,

Laugh like no worries,

I called this as Freedom Land.


My heart was shock,

When the dream comes true.

One day, I was stuck,

When I realized wasn’t the truth.


Part II: Undiscovered


She said she knows everything.

In fact, she knows nothing.

She couldn’t understand me

Like a record player hold the vinyl.


They believed they are cool,

Laughing like they’re the top.

Look smart, stay fool,

They judged me like ordinary book.


I mess up my life,

But I come back.

I pick up my heart again,

But I lock myself one more time.


They dream about the freedom land,

But never felt the hurt from inside.

They called it The Dark Poison,

I believed it just a part of the side.


Part III New or End


When the dream falls,

I will be quit forever.

Breathe in Breathe out 

The oxygen in here one more time.


Travel make our richer,

There is no destination.

Once more, won”t be hurt

Life continues, never turn back.


I am a stubborn person.

Follow any dream I made.

Build my life incredibly

As called the Endless Youth.