May. 30, 2017

Crying Diet Mountain Dew

You’re the worst soda in the world!”, angry people shouted loud. “You're destroying the health of people who loyalty to you!”, people complain this as same as post a picture with full of VSCO preset filter on social media. “You’re the poison in the beautiful safety bottle.”,just like the heartbroken songwriter to tell everybody how crazy about they ex-partner are. “You’re the liquid with a huge amount of aspartame.”,“You are nothing!”, same like kids believed and follow the fairy tale they read, but finally realized everything is fake.


I rather like to say that Diet Mountain Dew is a beautiful girl, just unpopular in her school; She can’t cry when people are estranged her, and let herself in a narrow and dark corner alone; she has now place to express her pain; no audience would like to listen to her upset story. The only thing she can do, just put aspartame and carbon dioxide to lemon juice, and makes taste well. I rather love to describe that Diet Mountain Dew are naive and wild children. They want to paint the clear color blue on the plastic bottle. Inside they heart, they also want to make the sky with fresh green as same as soft grass. I rather prefer to description Diet Mountain Dew is a creative boy. He just tries to be cool as same as like the football leader have strong muscle; or the guy who wear Saint Laurent coat. His soul is made of art, not the outside strong muscle body. Every this is gray to him, his jeans, his dream, and his life. The logo is full of his hope, already be cool, strong, popular and even have a sense of wild element.


It’s crying like a baby because nobody can understand what it really wants. It’s crying like a teenager because it lost its way of the future life. It cries like a senior, it can know those people feeling as well. 


Like any drug can hurt our health; like any ridiculous gossip can push our life in the swirl of trouble; like any dark storm can destroy gorgeous flower in outside world; and like dangerous words can shred innocent heart, just like people try to say Diet Mountain Dew is not good for us. But it is not, cause we never know that it cry inside its heart, nobody finds out. It just a crying soda, like most of the children lost they favorite toys.